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Maximum term: 24 hours (most probably less)

Requirements: Character level 100, ilvl 620+

You are ordering getting the achievement: You are really doing it wrong

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Proving Grounds allow users to select Tank, Healer, or DPS challenges. You can queue up from class trainers, or Trial Master Rotun by the Temple of the White Tiger.
Proving Grounds come in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless difficulties. In Endless mode, you simply go on until you fail the challenge.
In addition, gear plays much less of a role in Proving Grounds success--all gear is scaled down to ilvl 463, like it is in Challenge Modes.
There are three types of Challenges--Tank, Healer, and DPS.
As a tank, you must protect Sikari the Mistweaver from enemy waves, who will heal and dps.
As a dps, you will be killing mobs on your own--no help. You will get a ticking bomb icon over your head and have a limited amount of time to kill each wave, noted by  Timer.
As a healer, you get a full party of NPCs to heal: Kavan the Arcanist, Oto the Protector, Sooli the Survivalist, and Ki the Assassin.
The mobs you fight, which all have "Illusionary" names like Large Illusionary Banshee and Small Illusionary Aqualyte, come out in set waves. specialists are always ready to achieve wished titles and do any WOD Proving grounds challenge.

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