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Completion time: 2 - 3 days.

Requirements:  110 level character.


Recommended professions:





Herbalism is one of WoW's gathering professions - its only purpose is to collect materials (mostly Herbs, some elemental reagents) required by other professions ( Alchemy and  Inscription). Herbs can be found in every zone of Azeroth and Outland, with the zone's level usually corresponding to certain herbs. If you pick this profession you will find that some herbs require very specific geological or climate conditions, and this knowledge will help you gather them faster (for example, Earthroot grows on hills/mountains and Liferoot is always found near river- and lake-water). is ready to help you with leveling up your profession. We will take all the expences and time on ourself. 




  •  Reagents: herbs are used by alchemists and inscriptionists as crafting material.
  •  Cash: herbs are always wanted, so you will be able to make profit at any time.


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