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Hellfire Citadel: Heroic 13/13

Account sharing
Term: 4 - 6 hours after the start of the raid.
Requirements for the service: 100 level and 690+ ilvl
Service HC heroic 13/13 includes:
  • Killing 13 bosses in heroic difficulty with  masterloot;
  • You can order masterloot or selfplay - just check this option
Description of options:
Stream (Broadcast) - You will be granted a possibility to watch your raid in live translation. All details you can get from operator.
HC heroic 13/13 - This option means that you will get 13 bosses killed in Hellfire citadel in heroic mode.
Master loot The difference with master loot and personal loot is that with "Master loot" loot option raid leader loots all the bosses and at the end of the raid your character will be given ALL items for its class and spec. With master loot you get 50% more items than with personal one.
Selfplay - You can play by yourself with our team. The cost is higher due to the increasing risks to RAID.
You will face 13 bosses with increasing difficulty.
Contact the operator for details and getting answers to all Your questions.



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