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Duration: Availability Delphic stars
Requirements: character level 50.
Currently we provide services to Lucius, Kiproza, Melisara, Aranzebiya, Ollo.
You can order Delphic Stars from our website.
Here are just a few things that you will be available to get with the Delphic stars
The house and farm:
  • Oiunsky home / Small jarnicki house
  • U farm
  • House with a thatched roof
  • Oiunsky Cotag / Jarnicki house
  • Two-storey Oiunsky house
  • Oiunsky mansion / Jarnicki mansion
  • Oiunsky farmhouse
  • Donjon
  • The trimaran / Harpoon boat
  • Galleon
  • Trading schooner
  • Jarnicki sailboat
  • Glider "Albatros"
  • Glider "Red dragon"
  • Glider "Makhaon"

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