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Glory of the Draenor Hero

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Time: 1 - 2 days.

Requirements: 100 lvl character.


This service includes:

 - Meta achievement Glory of the Draenor Hero, which consists of 23 achievements;

 - Your character gets 630+ item level items in every slot, which is almost best in every slot pre-raid gear; 

 - Achievement Draenor Dungeon Hero

 - Mount Frostplains Battleboar.

By the honored traditions of previous expansions, Warlords Of Draenor bring you new challange to conquer new achievement - Glory of the Draenor Hero. This achievement is not an easy one, it can be earned only by true masters of their own classes. team, as always, is ready to help with difficult moments and separate achievements. Your wishes and our experience won't left enemy any chances!

We can help you with the most diffucult of 23 achievements as well as the whole meta-achievement. We can do them on your secondary characters, complete all achievements with You and much more.
Contact our operator for any questions and details.

Good luck in battle!

All achievements for new Glory are done in new Warlords Of Draenor heroic itstances:
Upper Blackrock Spire / Everbloom / Grimrail Depot / Shadowmoon Burial Grounds / Skyreach / Auchindoun / Iron Docks / Bloodmaul Slag Mines


Contact our operator in a right bottom of the page if you have any questions to ask!


Personal schedule!

We work at any time which is suitable to you! Best deal for active players!


The most safe service at the market. We are time-verified official company with thousands of customer reviews!

Live stream!

You are able to watch your service live! Grab popcorn and have a sit!

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