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Account sharing
Time: 16 season.
Requirements for service: 100 level and Full primal set.
After paying for this service you will receive:
Gladiator title at the end of the 16 pvp season.
Unique mount.
A lot of achievements in the arena without extra charges.
Admiration and envy of  friends in the game, as well as other players.
How do we do it?
Our gladiators will boost your character in a 3x3 or 5x5 bracket to a level sufficient for entry into the top 0.5% of the rating table. We will also ajust your rating at the end of the season if average gladiators rating will rise up.
We offer best boosting in PvP and rare achievements and we also help in getting the unique achievements of the season 16 - Top 1 gladitor.
The service involves boosting you to the top of rated pvp charts, gives a unique title, a great feat - Primal gladiator.
This rank is the most respectable PvP title in the game and only few top players can afford to have it/
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For details about services and any questions - contact the operator in the lower right corner.


Only top players! The best of the best! We work only with the most reliable professionals at the market!

Personal schedule!

We work at any time which is suitable to you! Best deal for active players!

Nobody will know!

Our services are completely confidential. We have an experience of secret agents!

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