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Completion time: Depends
Requirements: 100 level and 700+ pvp honor set.
The service includes all items (in each slot) for your character. service is ready to help you to get a full set of season 16 conquest points armor. It takes several weeks of tedious games with obviously strong opponents, as well as a lot of nerves for you to spend on it. We offer you our help - we will boost you up to 2200+ personal rating in 3v3 for free (and you will get around 3000 conquest points cap) and we will farm conquest points each week until you get full conquest gear.
Check our other offerings for the current PVP season.
Bonus: 2200 rating in the 3v3 bracket !!!
Working on an account at a convenient time.
If you need some items and not the full set - please contact the operator.



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