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Completion time: 24 hours.

Requirements:  110 level character.


Recommended professions:




In Legion, Fishing gets some major love with an Artifact Weapon!



Fishing is a gathering secondary profession which allows players to fish in the various bodies of water found across the world. Different areas require certain skill levels before the player will be able to cast in the waters.

Fish and other sea life obtained via Fishing are typically used in  Cooking to create various health regeneration or buff providing foods. Players who enjoy fishing can perform variousfishing daily quests for special rewards contained in satchels such as  Bag of Shiny Things, or even compete in two Fishing competitions - the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza and Kalu'ak Fishing Derby - for valuable prizes! is ready to help you with leveling up your profession. We will take all the expences and time on ourself. 



  •  Fish: it can be eaten raw, used for cooking and feeding your pets. 
  •  Crates: you can find some treasures, such as gems, consumables, rings in crates and fish.
  •  Messages: you may find somebodys message or journal in bottles.
  •  Others: sometimes you may cats potions, weapons and crafting materials.


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