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Completion time: 5 - 7 days.

Requirements:  110 level character.


Service includes:

  • Profession skill leveling 1 to 800
  • Profession quest line (without raid content)


Recommended as a pair professions:



As usual, Engineering has the coolest things, like:


  • Trigger – battle pet
  • Sonic Environment Enhancer – plays music; you can change the music by using Song Scrolls, which are crafted by scribes.
  • Mech-Bond Imprint Matrix – allows hunters to tame pets in the Mechanical family., for example, Kor'kron Iron Scorpion
  • Reavers Battery – the newest model of mecha-helper for engineers! At the present time, Reaves seems to act as a single-item platform for all of the usual Engineering crafted perk items- Jeeves (Repair), MOLL-E (Mailbox), Wormhole (Teleport), Thermal Anvil (Crafting), Blingtron (Free Stuff), Fireworks Launcher (Fireworks), Goblin Barbecue (Snack Distribution).


Blood of Sargeras


This is a new item, needed for cool professional stuff and for items level increasing. Binds on pickup.



Obliterum is a very important thing in Legion professions.

Obliterum increases the item level of crafted armor by 5, up to a maximum level of 850.

  • Useless items might be destroyed in Obliterum Forge in Dalaran for gaining Obliterum


Profession description:

Engineering is one of WoW's more interesting crafting professions - it requires materials produced with another profession, usually  Mining. Engineers turn various reagents (most parts and metals) into fun and useful gadgets, vanity items (like mounts and pets), and even some epic helms/goggles, ranged weapons and scopes for them.



  •  Weapons. Firearms and scopes.
  •  Goggles, monocles and others.
  •  Explosives: bombs, dynamite and materials for them..
  •  Mounts: flying machines and speed-boots.
  •  Pets: Lovely hand-made companions, who follow you everywhere..
  •  Extras: Portable mailbox, traps, portal holes and much more!.


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