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Completion time: 5 - 7 days.

Requirements:  110 level character.


Service includes:

  • Profession skill leveling 1 to 800
  • Profession quest line (without raid content)

New Blacksmithing content includes:


Recommended as a pair professions:


Profession ranks in WOW Legion


All Legion recipes has 3 levels (ranks):

Gathering professions has some bonus ranks for extra materials collecting.

Higher ranks of crafting professions recipes allow to create items more effectively: less materials are needed or more items are gained as a result.


Blood of Sargeras


This is a new item, needed for cool professional stuff and for items level increasing. Binds on pickup.



Obliterum is a very important thing in Legion professions.

Obliterum increases the item level of crafted armor by 5, up to a maximum level of 850.

  • Useless items might be destroyed in Obliterum Forge in Dalaran for gaining Obliterum


Profession description:

Blacksmithing is one of WoW's crafting professions - it requires materials produced with another profession, usually  Mining. Blacksmiths turn various reagents (mostly metals) into plate armor, weapons, and some utility items.
Unlike some of the more "magical" professions in the game, blacksmithing functions in a more direct fashion. While professions like Enchanting or Inscription provide subtle buffs to your character, blacksmithing hands you the item you need. 



  •  Weapons and armor: Mail and plate armor, shields, swords, blunts and other powerfull weapons. The most advanced ones only blacksmith who forged them is able to use.
  •  Keys: which can be used to open treasure chests.
  •  Improving your weapons for short period of time.
  •  Socket creation.


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