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Completion time: 5 - 7 days.

Requirements:  110 level character.


Service includes:

  • Profession skill leveling 1 to 800
  • Profession quest line (without raid content)


Alchemy trinket


Recommended as a pair professions:


Blood of Sargeras


This is a new item, needed for cool professional stuff and for items level increasing. Binds on pickup.



Obliterum is a very important thing in Legion professions.

Obliterum increases the item level of crafted armor by 5, up to a maximum level of 850.

  • Useless items might be destroyed in Obliterum Forge in Dalaran for gaining Obliterum


Profession description:

Alchemy is one of WoW's professions - it requires materials produced with another profession, usually  Herbalism. Alchemists turn various reagents (mostly Herbs) into powerful consumables that fall under one of the three categories:
Elixirs - they provide fairly powerful and versatile buffs over a long period of time, but their effects are lost if the player dies. Each player can have up to two elixirs active - one Guardian and one Battle Elixir. Common elixir effects are the ones that increase a player's secondary ratings - crit, mastery, etc.
Flasks - these provide relatively basic, but vital buffs over a very long period of time. Flasks' effects also persist through death, but only one can be active at any given time. Flasks increase primary stats - strength, agility, intellect, spirit, or stamina.
Potions - Often overlooked, potions provide an instantaneous or "bursty" buff. Because of their concentrated power, potions are limited to one per combat. Common effects include a massive burst in a primary stat, or an instantaneous replenishment of some health or mana. There are also some vanity potions as well.
Aside from combat-oriented brews, alchemists can also perform ore and gem transmutes.



  •  Sorcerors stones: These powerfull accesories can only be used by alchemist, who created them.
  •  Potions: Potions can be used to restore healts and mana or provide you with short term stat boost.
  •  Flasks: Flasks are used as a buff, which increases your primary or secondary stat for medium period of time.
  •  Oils: increase damage dealt by your weapon.
  •  Couldrons: may be used to provide the whole raid with potions.
  •  Transmutation: you can use transmutation to transmute one type of crafting materials into others.


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